Sitges Carnival

Sitges Carnival

Sitges Carnival

The Sitges Carnival is one of the world’s top 10 carnivals. Every year Sitges attracts to the Carnival more than 250,000 people willing to have an amazing time. Acknowledged by the straight and gay press as Spain´s most celebrated and exhilarating event, the carnival can be described as “extravagant, crazy, astonishing“.

This is one Winter festival you don’t want to miss!Sitges is the gay and lesbian capital of Europe, they sure do know how to party. So throw your inhibitions out the window, along with your shirt, and let’s have one heck of a party!

Because we know this party like no one else, and want to show you how it is done! With Stoke, you will get picked up in the centre of Barcelona and dropped off in the centre of Sitges at the perfect time to start the party and get the best spots for the parade.

The Sitges carnival runs for 7 days and attracts over 300,000 party-goers each year. Sitges goes wild day and night non stop during this week. The streets are as every year, full of revelers ready to heat up the town.

The Sitges carnival is meant to commemorate the last week leading up to Ash Wednesday. It begins on ‘Jueves Lardero’. During this Fatty Thursday, all Spanish and Catalan people enjoy local dishes such as Catalan butifarra and the Spanish tortilla . In Sitges, this day of gluttony is topped off with the celebration of the arrival of the King.

Imagine parades full of colors, people dressed with amazing costumes, live music everywhere, dancers, theatrical performances … There is undeniably a wild atmosphere in Sitges, one that you can witness a bit before as the Gay Carnival takes place 4 days before the main carnival.

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