Copenhagen Carnival Copenhagen Carnival is an annual carnival event taking place in Fælledparken and on the streets of Copenhagen, DenmarkMore

Torello Carnival Torelló is a Spanish municipality in the comarca of Osona, in the Province of Barcelona, Catalonia.carnival in TorelloMore

Carnival of Cadiz Los Carnavales is one of the best-known carnivals in Spain. The whole city participates in the carnivalMore

Ivrea Carnival Famous in all of Italy and, above all abroad is the Carnival in the Piedmontese town of IvreaMore

Carnival of Viareggio The peculiarity of the Viareggio Carnival consists in giant, allegorical papier-mache floats – the biggest ones weighingMore

Sitges Carnival The Sitges Carnival is one of the world’s top 10 carnivals. Every year Sitges attracts to the CarnivalMore

Carnival of Venice Among Italy’s most beloved carnivals, particular mention goes to the Carnival of Venice. The first official documentMore

Notting Hill Carnival Notting Hill Carnival, one the largest street festivals in the world, is held each August in LondonMore