The Grip The Grip s-e-x position may be more comfortable if a cushion is placed under the woman’s bottom to raise herMore

The Challenge For this challenging position, (aptly named the Challenge s-e-x position) you’ll need a sturdy chair, a lot of flexibility andMore

The Fold The woman lies on a cushion on the floor or on a very firm mattress, with her knees bent backMore

The Perch The man sits on a chair with his partner “perched” on his lap. She has her back to him forMore

The Propeller This one’s unusual. The Propeller s-e-x position requires the woman to lie on her back – legs out- stretched andMore

Bandoleer The woman lies on the back with her knees up towards her chest. The man kneels facing her soMore

The Fan The woman stands with her back to her partner in the Fan s-e-x position. She bends her knees and restsMore

The Rock’n Roller We’re fairly sure this isn’t the original name of this position… but the Rock’n Roller s-e-x position sounds great.More

The Rowing Boat The man then sits up, bring his knees and torso up so that both the couple are faceMore

The Eagle The man sits on his knees, legs spread, in front of his partner in the Eagle position. She liesMore