The Super 8 She lies legs open on her back and possibly with a pillow under her bum to make penetrationMore

The Amazon The man sits comfortably on a chair, the woman sits down on him facing forwards so she’s straddling himMore

The Hound A variation on doggy style – for the Hound s-e-x position she’s still on all fours but lowers herself ontoMore

The Crossed Keys In the Crossed Keys s-e-x position she lies with her bum near he edge of the bed, legsMore

The Ship With the man lying on his back, the woman simply sits down on him with both legs toMore

The Landslide The Landslide s-e-x position is a challenge to get into. She lies down on her stomach, propped up on forearmsMore

The Snail We love the Snail s-e-x position! Lying at, the woman pulls her knees into her chest and throws her feetMore

The Slip The man kneels up and leans back, taking his weight on his hands behind him for The Slip s-e-x position.More

The Hinge The Hinge s-e-x  position is a good one as it allows depth control. The man kneels up, leaning backwardsMore

The G For the G-Force s-e-x position, she lies down on herr back and pulls her knees close to her chest. HeMore